We learn best when we take what we learn and put it into practice

A learning approach that equips working professionals with a unique combination of skills put into action. Ideal for initiating a growth mindset and resilience in achieving social and business goals.


Engaging Training & Coaching for working professionals experiencing change and transition

We provide the expertise and advice across those aspects of human leadership and people skills with a focus on emotional intelligence and resilience to help you navigate any career change and perform at your best in life and in business.

We encourage people to make changes that will have a positive impact on their lifestyle, relationships, work experiences, and organizations.

Professional Coaching

Maximize your potential to achieve personal and professional goals. Get rid of confusion and frustration with an individualized coaching approach.

Tailored Training

Designed for your business & personal needs. Get exactly what YOU need.


Virtual Live Sessions

Live online training, efficient and flexible schedules, for both individuals and groups.

Live-online Delivery+ Individual Strength Report + Personalized Activities = Results in 4 weeks

Why Learn With Us

Our purpose is to optimize learning processes wherever we can as we have decades of experience in training, coaching, and education, applying pro-social skills and cross-cultural competencies into practice.

Modern and effective training programs are designed to create learning experiences that last. We provide simple & effective employee training solutions that develop talent globally.

Easily accessible and short training programs for teams that want to thrive and deal with modern workplace demands and thrive in changes.

Our Training

For companies

For individuals

What Others Think Of Us

"The interpersonal skills training helped me understand myself, my own thoughts and feelings to get along with others better. Personal wellbeing skills improved the quality of my life, but it's still a life long process."
Maja Zivcevic
Sales Manager
"Ana's contribution to training our team was greatly appreciated, as she is reliable, knowledgeable, and was supportive to the whole team. She has been also supporting some of our staff individually through coaching and I will work with her in the future as well."
Daniele Valentini
Department Manager
"I was looking for someone to work with my career challenges when I was considering whether to leave the company I was working at last year and a friend's recommendation was to try coaching focusing on Emotional intelligence to get some answers and help with that. It was the best decision ever as I learned a lot about myself and managed to accomplish the goals that Ana and I worked together upon."
Eva K.
Project Manager
"I have done the training for individuals and what I really liked about it is how structured yet simple to understand my emotions it was. I had a couple of those "aha" moments where I learned about myself and discovered new ways of dealing with emotions and building up my emotional resilience. A lot of practical activities and tasks to work on and practice every day, just what I was hoping to get out of it."
Nicola S.
Retail Store Manager