We are pro-active, dynamic and people-centric professionals, working with people on practical skills to achieve success at all levels and align their professional and personal goals.
Our approach to business is science-focused, as we believe in continuous growth of one’s own competencies through applying the knowledge, skills and best practices to build personal resilience in all areas of life.

We have decades of hands-on experience in human resources consulting, training and education, in some of the most diverse and multicultural teams, on measuring, engaging and developing talent. Our expert trainers and coaches will help you identify and build the capacities that you need for your role and for your priorities.

In return, organizations get better leaders and more engaged talent, ability to nurture resilience and well-being within teams to be more competitive and productive.

E-learning and Online Education for Student and University Concept. Video conference call technology to carry out digital training course for student to do remote learning from anywhere.




In our Live Virtual Program we focus on developing “Smart Skills” you need to achieve for:

Whether you already are a working professional or you are in the launching stage of your career, we will train you on key human resources, leadership, interpersonal and resilience- building skills for any workplace.

We understand that aligning business and personal goals requires finding the right approach, gaining the right skills and implementing the right strategy. Our mission is to enhance your productivity while building your own resilience through our interactive learning experiences.


Hi, I am Ana!

Ana is a qualified trainer and facilitator of Intercultural Management and Interpersonal Skills. Certified as Emotional Intelligence Coach and Human Resources Professional, she works with teams of all size organizations to corporations towards achieving not only their business, but their social and personal goals. 

Her professional journey began in educational organizations offering language and communication training to the corporate world and then in the human resources various roles and across China, Europe and the Middle East. 

Ana’s passion is to bring emotional agility to your workplace that is learnable and achievable for anyone, in all different industries and countries as she firmly believes in people’s ability to grow and transform. Ana helps others find the courage to discover their potential, understand interpersonal dynamics, and excel in their lives while being more resilient.  

Working in a talent development role, she has dedicated her professional life to developing training and coaching to support people with going through transitions or stepping up in their carriers and leading others. 


She was a part of numerous consulting and coaching projects. Since she believes in learning as a lifestyle, her focus is on growth, education, and training people in having the right social-emotional skills, that will build their ability to communicate, engage and respond more efficiently with others while managing their behavior and reaching their personal goals. 

Credentials: Double degree Master’s in Languages and Political Science, SHRM Certified Professional, Emotional Intelligence Certified Assessor and Coach, by one of the world’s leading EQ organization “Six Seconds”, USA